Friday, October 12, 2007

Thinking about my Chistmas list!

Yep, the holidays are getting close. So I've been working on my list for Santa.

Here's my list so far....
  • I definitely want a new bed, one of the Jax and Bones or WestPaw beds. They are sooo cool. Not that I don't love my Orvis bed, but I need some fleece for the winter. Mum keeps it cold in the house, even for us! And I want a cool fleece sleeper for my travel crate, I'm getting tired of my old blankie in there.
  • For toys, I'm putting on my list the AKC Lamb toy, the large one that makes hooting sounds. 'Cause if I can't have real sheep, guess this will be the next best thing.
  • And it wouldn't be the holidays without treats, right? My list includes Grizzly NuTreats, and the Lakse Kronch Salmon treats, and if I'm good maybe Mum will throw in some Zukes Salmon minis. Guess I'm on a salmon kick, huh? But they are sooooo yummy!
  • And if budget allows I'd sure like my own real tunnel, dogwalk and aframe - but that may be out of the question unless Santa brings us a larger yard too. Now that would be real cool!
I'm gonna be sure and tell Mum to check out some Only Natural Pet Store deals for some treats, Duncraft coupons to keep the bird feeder full for my herding fetish, and this site for all kinds of coupon codes to help with our shopping.


  1. Your list is really shaping up, Johann! Paws are crossed that you get everything on it! It's good to let your mom know these things far in advance so she can start saving up!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Nice list Johann. I hope you're being a good boy, Santa's watching you know!

    Toodle pip,

    Harry x


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