Thursday, October 11, 2007

No chase! It's Squirrel Awareness Week!

Calling all dogs, you are not allowed to chase squirrels this week. 'What,' you say? Why, not?

Because it's Squirrel Awareness Week and they need a break!

As most dogs out there, I love a good squirrel chase. There aren't too many squirrels around our house, since it's a newer neighborhood. But, now and then I see one, or two, and can't believe their tenacity. You really have to admire their work ethic. Kind of BC like, if you BC's will forgive me.

I remember my first encounter with one of the brown , fluffy tailed things. It was a nice Autumn day, kind of like today. Cool, crisp, and with a certain smoky smell in the air. Just as I was patrolling the yard, I saw a flash in my peripheral...something I hadn't seen before. (I'm young, you know, and haven't seen a whole lot).

First, I was a bit startled and barked, then it was as if something had possessed me. I had to have it!!!! Being a herding breed, such that I am, it's in my nature and it's in my blood to either get them out of my yard or round 'em up. I tried both. All to no avail.

Firstly, the little thing was outside the fence and I was obstructed. And secondly, it was fast as the speed of light (well, almost, anyway). Sneaky little thing was uncatchable. For the next month, or maybe more, I tried in vane to corral that little guy. I was successful in one thing, he went away from my yard for the Winter, and didn't return the next Spring.

I sometimes wonder what happened to him. And I sometimes mistake the bunny that bravely visits our yard for the fluffy tailed squirrel, and promptly give chase. But, for the past year, I haven't seen hide, nor hair, of him.

So in honor of my missing squirrel, we salute Squirrel Awareness Week, and swear off the chase, at least until he either comes back, or Squirrel Awareness Week has subsided.

We did a little research for this post honoring squirrels and Squirrel Awareness Week. We Googled and found out some interesting stuff:
And there are some talented squirrels - check out these vids:


  1. Well Johann, my Stella says "fine, I will leave the squirrels alone BUT pigeons are fair game!!!"

  2. OK, OK, I'll try not to chase....

    Toodle pip,

    Harry x

  3. Must chase evil squirrellies, MUST chase evil squirrellies, MUST CHASE EVIL SQUIRRELIES!!! ARRRRGH...........
    Lindy Loo and the Waggle o'Whippets

  4. Oh boy.. Squirrels are too big for me to chase them too

    ~ Girl girl

  5. Woofs, everydog! Thanks for stopping by. Guess I'm not very pupular for suggesting we don't chase. But luckily I posted this on Thursday and there are only two days left in the week. Can you handle it for two more days, BOL!!!!

    Woofs, Johann

  6. Johann, that is one great post. Those squirrels *are* evil...

    Has your mom seen our new World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show? You can enter photos of you doing all kinds of silly things, and there are some great prizes...come check it out!

  7. Hrmmpf...I'm not too sure about this Johann...sounds like a squirrel plot to me!

    Guess I can focus on seagulls just for this week.




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