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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hair transplant!

A few weeks ago, Mum noticed I had white hairs growing on my front left leg. Just a few, in a clump. And she thought, what is that! She pretty much figured out right away, duh, that it was where the cast I had on my leg, rubbed me raw. And the hair was just coming in all white.

That has happened to me before. When I got attacked by those 8 dogs a couple of years ago, I got these really odd white hairs in various places over my body. Mum remembered those were the places where I had puncture wounds from the dog's biting me. (Dog, I was so lucky I made it through that attack).

Now I have heard about hair transplants and wonder if they could do anything with me? Could they put black fur in where I have white ones?

1 comment:

  1. Johann, We can absolutely help you. By gently harvesting black fur from one area, we can graft them to the area where the white fur is. We are a very experienced and dog-friendly practice. Give it some thought!


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