Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend agility!

We had a great time at the Terre Haute Kennel Club Agility trail this weekend. Fun runs, fun friends and some ribbons, woo hoo!

Started out at about 6:00 AM on Saturday for the drive. Which, can I just say, I hate that part of agility. Riding in the car has never been one of my favorite things, but I put up with it 'cause it gets me to agility.

Got there about 8:00 AM and they started Fast class at 9:00. We didn't enter fast, so we didn't end up running until 11:00 AM.

Started out with JWW, and it was a good course. A couple of places for potential off courses, but Mum decided she'd just run like heck. And it worked. Ended up a little wide in areas, which we need to work on; and the weaves were still kind of slow (we're in rigorous training on that, now), but good enough to end up with 2nd place. The course seemed really tight on times, so we didn't end up on very many MACH points, but we were pretty happy.

Here's the run:

Then is was time for Standard. Again, pretty good course. By this time it was about 2:00 PM and you think Mum would have learned that by the afternoon, I'm getting pretty hungry and need some nourishment. Well now she'll remember. I ran clean, pretty good speed on the jumps, but I tried sniffing in between. Weaves were a bit slow, but again, good enough for second place.

Then we headed home with our cool red ribbons, rested up and loaded up the car again on Sunday. Sunday we left later and got there about 9:00 AM for our run at 10:30. Much better timing. Mum decided since we DQ'd yesterday she was gonna push me.

She also had watched some of the vids from the FCI World Agility Championships and got very inspired to run fast with me. And she really likes running with me anyway, makes it more fun for both of us. She pushed me in my JWW run and I ended up kind of weirding out in the weaves, but ran the rest very well. Tighter and faster.

Then it was time for our Standard run, another nice course for 16 inchers. We were going great, then Mum did a very, very bad rear cross and I ended up pulling in way too tight. So I backed jumped the tire. But the run was great otherwise, good speed and not too bad weaves. She tried really hard to tighten me up and it worked pretty well. She just needs to get better timing on the rear crosses with me. Good notes for practice.

No Q on Sunday. But Mum said she had the most fun running me that day than maybe - well ever! We ran fast, ran pretty clean, she pushed me, I loved it and then we both had a good time eating treats after. Good thing we found agility, huh Mum - now we can loads of fun together!

Came home and Gracie and I zoomed like mad dogs in the back yard. We love it when we get home!


  1. You and your mom both can run very fast in the video. Congrates on doing well in agility Johann. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  2. What an awesome job you did! Congratulations Johann!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hey Johann! Gonna see you again this weekend too! :) I'll cheer for you to Q (because doG knows I can't shut up when there's agility to be had!) but can't cheer for you to beat my dad - then I'd be in the dog house! Mom says I may get to move into the big EX class this weekend! But don't go chicken on me, I jump 12" :) A lady is coming from CALIFORNIA to watch us run Saturday! She's taking my little blue brother home with her! He's so cute but MAN is he loud! I think I may've taught him that.. oopsie. Mkay well off I go!

    Kabong ya later,
    Hawkie Puck

  4. Super nice run! You make your Mom run fast! I think you'll be up with those international trials soon!

    I wish I could watch in person but video is the next best thing.


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