Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Health insurance!

My Mum has health insurance on me and it's come in very, very handy over my three years of life. It paid about $1000.00 for my broken paw this last winter and the same amount when I got attacked by the dogs the year before.

She also has health insurance, but is always looking for the best for her, her lifestyle and budget. And since her policy is coming due, she's gonna start looking around for the best 'deal'. She's gonna look around online, but if any of you have recommendations, let us know, K?

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  1. I tried to get insurance on my dogs, but they were both declined. :(

    I just got some information in the mail from the ASPCA. I'm a big supporter of them. They just started offering insurance. They even have an accident only plan that all dogs, regardless of health, can be enrolled in. I think I'll give that a try.

    So glad your insurance is working out well for you! Now, don't get hurt again. :)


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