Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'll take a DQ please!

Would you like two sir? You bet!!!!

And that's just what happened this weekend, I got two double Q's. Wowser!

We arrived at the Indiana Collie Club AKC trial yesterday morning at 7:00 AM, dark and early. 70 degrees and humid. By the time I ran it was getting in the 80's already. JWW was first.

Nice course, no significant off course ops, flowing and potentially speedy. Because of the humidity (my big speed nemisis), I wasn't so speedy, but good enough for a 6th place.

Then, it was time for the Standard. 11:00 AM and 88 with high humidity. Another nice, flowing course with a little potential for off course with a tunnel entrance. But we ran clean, and got 1st place! Wowser! Another DQ. #9 DQ overall.

Sunday the weather wasn't any better. 75 and hugely humid and sunny for my first JWW run. I was getting tired already...but another nice, flowing course for another Q and 4th place. Then it was time for Standard. Course seemed dooable, so we went for it. By this time it was very high 80's and still humid and sunny. Mum pushed me, fed me loads of treats before my run, and it was clean and good enough for 4th place again.

That makes 10 DQ's for my career of 16 months in AKC. Not bad for a little guy from the shelter.

Mum was totally spent from sweating both days. We went home as soon as we were done both days (after a little Gracie focus session, of course). Went right into the living room got on the couch and took naps. We were all beat! This heat is amazing for this time of year - topping out in the 90's and about 60% humidity. Where is Fall?

Later this week I'll post some course maps of some of my runs over the past few weeks. Oh, how different they can be! From major death traps to open and flowing, these courses we are seeing really vary in difficulty - for both small and large dogs. Just makes Mum shake her head sometimes.

Overall it was another really great weekend. We're off for dinner and another little nap...just exhausted, but really satisfied, fur sure!


  1. Congratulations, Johann!

  2. WOW! Congrats Johann! and thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! (It's actually officially today! I just posted early!)

    I can't wait until I start agility in November!


  3. Congrats Johann! You work hard for it!

  4. Frogtastic effort Johann!!
    It seems very funny tome that you have it so hot where you live, because its getting QUITE CHILLY here!
    Yowser, timeto start growing that extra thick fur :)
    Well done you clever old thing!

  5. Yeah!!!!! Very good :-)

    I know I shouldn't have, but I shared some my Dairy Queen ice cream cone with my dog Mardy last week.

    Keep up the good work Johann

  6. Wow, that's a lot of DQs in a short time. Mom must be pretty pleased.



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