Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is agility allowed?

I would imagine that we, like many agility newbies, live in housing developments that have the dreaded homeowners association covenents that govern what you can and cannot do in your yards, to the exterior of your home, and have sitting in your yard.

Before me, Mum was on the board of our development association - but she got wise and quit pretty quickly. Thankless job.

We've not had any association board members comment about that cute blue and yellow teeter sitting 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in our yard, and hope that we won't ever.

Mum is pretty good about cleaning up our equipment and not leaving it out for hugely extended periods of time, although she'd like to. She has garage storage solutions to organize everything which helps keeps it all tidy and easily accessible. We feel pretty fortunate to not get any grief about our equipment in the yard, although to us it doesn't seem much different than all the kids two story playhouses around the development.

We've been wondering what all of you do that live in developments do about your agility equipment? Getting any heat? Or is the association pretty good about allowing your 'toys' in the yard.


  1. When I was looking for a house a few months back, I looked only at homes without restricting covenants. It took a while to find something I liked, but I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. The dogs are too! :)

    And I agree that your teeter isn't any different than the kids' swing sets and such. It seems that people are so understanding when it comes to children. I just can't understand why so many of them don't look at pets as children the way we do!

  2. Sounds like they need more dogs on the committee :-)


  3. My hoomans house dont have any fun "agility toys" for them. But mine house is full of places to climb and have fun

    ~ Girl girl

  4. i juz leave my equipment at the yard under d rain n heat...

    v dun actually mind, coz is juz some cheap DIY PVC material...

  5. Hi Johann! We miss you too... dogmom is a computer hog! She even takes it with her when she leaves for work and classes, so we can't sneak in like we used to.

    Dogmom said to tell you we don't have any agility equipment. We're klutzes just like her.

    Wuf Ya- Gomer & Opie


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