Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's all about the brand, dog brand, that is!

My Mum is a marketing consultant. And she thinks a lot about our companies, their reputation, and of course, the brand.

Yep, you know what that means - I'm a brand.

There are all kinds of companies out there that have dogs as a symbol of their brand. Take Morris (the finicky cat) for example, or the dog with the target on his eye for Target Brands, or even Lassie. Yes, even Lassie is a brand.

Of course Mum doesn't look at me as a brand (just my company), but she sure does take care about my online persona, and handles all my search engine reputation management.

Every now and then she will do a Google search for "Johann The Dog". Today 23,500 results popped up. Looking through them, we were pretty happy with the results. They are mostly links to our sites and postings we made on other blogs, (your's I hope). There were a few other 'Johann The Dog's', but nothing that would ruin our reputation, I would guess.

Whew! Guess Mum is keeping me clean!

So what pops up about you when you search your name on the Internet?


  1. I google my name from time to time, just to make sure there's nothing bad posted out there. I've never really found anything alarming, but I did discover that there's another person with the same name. She is a CEO of a Mexican Restaurant chain, and she lives in Atlanta. :)

  2. Very cool about the search results! I still don't find much when I search for collie agility, someday. :) Hey speaking of searching, have you gone to Shelties!


Thanks for barking in!

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