Thursday, October 04, 2007

The dog's nose knows!

The other day Mum had Dr. Phil on the TV while we were working away. (This isn't a usual thing, it's just that she got so into work, she didn't change the channel, sorry Dr. Phil). But that day they had a program about ethnic rhinoplasty - changing your nose to be more like other folks.

That got me to thinking, again. What if us pups changed our noses to look alike? Wouldn't that just be the weirdest thing ever! And quite unthinkable. Take a boxers nose - all squished in (makes them kind of cute, Mum thinks), and put a collie nose on the boxer. What???? Makes no sense right?

Us pups, we just need to share our ethnic diversity with the two-leggers. Being unique is wonderful! It's what makes us pups 'man's best friend'!

I know rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills isn't for me for enthnicity purposes. But I do have to say if my Mum got a hurt nose and rhinoplasty would help to fix it and make her feel better - we'd be on the first plane.

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