Thursday, October 04, 2007

Today is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi!

October 4th is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi!

Saint Francis of Assisi (September 26, 1181 - October 3, 1226) was a Roman Catholic friar and the founder of the Order of Friars Minor, more commonly known as the Franciscans.

He is known as the patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment, and it is customary for Catholic churches, rescues and shelters, and animal community organizations to hold ceremonies honoring animals around his feast day of October 4.

To learn more click here for info:

And here are some great books about St. Francis and Animal Blessings:

Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies Celebrating Pets and Other Creatures

This compendium of stories, prayers, ceremonies, and engaging tidbits is a blessing not only for the animals of the world, but for all animal lovers too.

Blessing the Animals: Prayers and Ceremonies to Celebrate God's Creatures Wild and Tame

Take a spiritual journey through this beautiful collection of blessings, prayers and meditations about the creatures, wild and tame, that inhabit our world.

Animal Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating Our Pets

Our pets; they are the unassuming animals who capture our hearts and imaginations. In this elegantly packaged collection, June Cotner gathers readings from sources such as Emily Dickinson, George Eliot, Rumi, Robert Frost, and many others, celebrating the animals who are our teachers, heroes, protectors, and dearest friends.

Blessings for Dogs

Loyal, steadfast, and affectionate, dogs are some of our best companions. We are privileged to share their sweet, joyful natures and to receive their unconditional love. Blessings for Dogs celebrates and pays tribute to this special canine love and care.

If you can't find animal blessings held in your area - here are St. Francis' poems for all animals and those that are sick. Say a prayer for your pup (and kittie, and fishie, and horse, and, and...) today.

For all animals...

Blessed are you, Lord God,
maker of all living creatures.
On the fifth and sixth days of creation,
you called forth fish in the sea,
birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all animals
his brothers and sisters.
We ask you to bless this animal.
By the power of your love,
enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you
for all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures!

For a sick animal...

Heavenly Father,
you created all things for your glory
and made us stewards of this creature.
If it is your will, restore it to health and strength.
Blessed are you, Lord God,
and holy is your name for ever and ever.

These aren't always easy to find - to keep that protection going all year long, here are some great St. Francis of Assisi Pet Tag ID charms:

Bless You!!!!


  1. Hey Johnn I telled peoples about Mr St Francis too... He is such a great guy and he is my friend.

  2. I've heard about St. Francis of Assisi from some of the DWB doggies. I wonder if he'll bless little hammies too

    ~ GIrl girl

  3. What a great post. Thanks for the reminder out one of my favorite saints :)

  4. Hi Johann, I have a St. Francis medal. It says "God Bless my Dog."

    We live in an association. They don't seem to care about anything though. Our neighbors moved in and parked their car in their driveway and one wheel was on their grass. They leave oil cans in their front yard and cardboard. They double park their cars and their cars stick way out into the middle of the street. There is a lot more, but I won't go into it. The associate doesn't care, in our case.

    And by the way, thank you for the congratulations to my Mom for her new found fame!! She is very very excited!!


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