Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knowing what your job is!

We were reading our good buddy Cynthia's blog recently and found something I just have to pass along. It's a great story about the importance of us pups knowing what our job is for a healthier and happier life with the two-leggers.

Us pups need a job. Just ask my Mum. When she got me at 12 weeks old, I was the sweetest, gentlest, most uninvolved pup in the world. Then five days went by and I got comfy. I became a wild, manic, energetic, young pup - just like most pups out there get. Luckily Mum had the foresight to give me a job pretty young - sits, stays, downs, and more. I am my Mum's first dog ever, but she had trained my kittie brothers to do some stuff, and thought she needed to do it with me.

Boy am I ever glad she did. I was more focused, more well behaved, knew what was expected of me and was much happier not having to decide what was right and wrong all the time. And I didn't destroy things anymore. What a relief!

Then she took me out in public and I lost my brain, again. Another pretty common thing for us pups. She signed me up for an obedience class where I could work around others - other pups and other two-leggers. It worked! And the best part is that someone in the class told us about agility, we started a class the next month and haven't looked back since. It changed both of our lives for the better.

We know you will love the story. So head on over, K? You won't be disappointed.

And if you need ideas for getting your pup involved in activities, or 'jobs', or just structuring their life and giving them purpose for better behavior and a better life - check out my Squidoo Lens on Fun Things To Do With Your Dog!

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  1. That's great information Johann, I'll take a look at the link over the weekend. ;)

    ~ Girl girl


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