Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our little dream!

Mum has been thinking a lot about a new place to live. Our house is great and we love it here, but we sure would like a little more land - a place to have an outdoor agility ring, maybe even an agility barn, some woods, a stream, pond, maybe a place for sheep - you know get back to nature!

We found a great website that has loads of house plans, from English Cottage House Plans and Small Ranch House Plans to our favorite - Log Cabin House Plans. Yep that's what we would like a little cabin in the woods. A little two story, 'cause we like to sleep with some fresh air, room for an office downstairs, and a great room for all our toys, with a nice fireplace.

We'd like one a little more updated that this one of course, but you get the idea! What's your dream home?

1 comment:

  1. Johann, you and your Mum would love Tennessee! ;)


Thanks for barking in!

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