Monday, October 29, 2007

We're a PR4!

This was a very exciting weekend. Not only did we get 6 Q's, but Google updated their Page Rank and we got our first rating.

We're now officially a PR4! Much better than we expected for our first rating, fur sure!

Google PageRank  Checker - Page Rank Calculator


  1. Congats on the 6 Q's! I'm prett sure I know what that means! I have no idea what PR4 means, but congrats on that too!

    Patience and the whippet waggle

  2. Congratulations, Johann!

    The Kat House and BlogsWeLuv are both PR4 now too! Yippee for us!

  3. Hi Johann,

    Congrats on the 6Q's and on your PR4 Page Rank.

    We got ours too :)

    Yippee & Hurray from Casey and Peanut


Thanks for barking in!

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