Monday, October 29, 2007

Tatoos honoring us pups!

When I go to an agility trial and look at a few of the two-leggers, I see some really unique stuff. Like the other day I saw one of my bud's Mums with little paw prints on her ankle. I tried to lick them off, but they weren't budgin'.

What's this all about - a new fad? Two-leggers getting tatoos to honor us pups? Well, heck yeah! It's not my Mum's kind of thing, but we think it's pretty cool when folks are brave enough to do it, especially when it's in honor of their four-legger.

We've seen lots of tatoos; from paw prints, to the names of their pups, cross tatoos, and even nice tatoos of photos of the pups. We're curious, who out there has a two-legger with a tatoo honoring you - the pup?

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