Sunday, October 21, 2007

Techie stuff!

Oh, I want one of these! For us blogging pups that like to get on the computer when our humans are sleeping here's a great tool - a lighted keyboard.

And I think my Mum would like it too for when she gets up super early to start work. She always has trouble seeing the keyboard.

This site has all kinds of cool gadgets for us techies, from the soon to be ubiquitous HDMI Cable, and iPod accessories, to speakers, headsets, peripherals, adapters and much more.

They even have remote controls. We sure need one of those, 'cause Gracie got to ours the other day. Now it's a big old chewed up mess, and Mum has to put the little red button back in when it falls out to turn our TV on and off. Someday she's gonna loose that little red button, and she's not gonna be very happy that her remote doesn't work.

One of those IR/RF Remote controls would be a great replacement remote. They give the added benefit of not needing to point the remote at your device. With the correct set up you can control lighting, audio, video, all from one remote, even if the equipment is in another room. Now that's cool!

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  1. A lighted keyboard??!! I'm sure that's going on mom's Christmas list ASAP! Thanks for letting us know about this new techie stuff, Johann!

    Love ya lots,


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