Saturday, November 24, 2007


Working dogs do a lot for us - they herd our livestock, give comfort through therapy work, search and rescue folks in need, provide services to the disabled, sniff out contraband, work along side those that protect us each day, and more! I have always admired a hard working pup. They like me have a mission in life, and I think that makes for a much better life.

I too work - I have jobs around the house that I'm responsible for everyday. I have to clean up my toys after I've strewn them all over the house, I have to learn more about agility and perfect my moves, hopefully I'll be learning how to round up sheep soon, of course I have to keep the kitties and Gracie in line, alert Mum to any strangers in our yard, and other things Mum asks of me throughout the day. This work I do, I look at it as my job - but I most certainly love my job, whatever it is, and Mum and I always make a game of them.

So why don't I get paid for my work? Well, in a way I do. Mum rewards me with treats, toys and lovin' when I do my work throughout the day. Many parents give their kids jobs to do around the house too, chores they are called. And a lot of these kids get allowances for performing their chores. Some even have a Chore Chart that tracks if they have completed their required tasks. And then they are certain just what reward is coming their way.

I think I like this idea. It seems more fair, somehow more consistent. And if Mum tracked my good works individually that were assigned to me throughout the day, I'd know just what rewards to expect for each job. And it may even help me better understand what was expected of me in the beginning.

Hmmmm...may have to talk with Mum about this.

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