Saturday, November 24, 2007

No pup left behind!

One night, while on guard duty with the US Armed Forces in Iraq, Sgt. Watson’s squadron returned from patrol with a new buddy. Weak, malnourished, and at death’s door, a black and white puppy had decided to adopt the soldiers of the unit known as Charlie Company.

The puppy rallied back, thriving on the care, attention and affection of Sgt. Watson and the members of his platoon. A real survivor, the puppy was named Charlie (after the military unit) and before long the growing puppy bonded not only with Sgt. Watson but with the other soldiers.

US Military Units are constantly on the move so, before Sgt. Watson and his men are forced to abandon their mascot to certain homelessness and ultimate starvation, Charlie needs transport to the United States. The obstacles are numerous but not insurmountable. The SPCA is helping with their exhaustive efforts to arrange for the transportation, shots, veterinary review and medical clearance to get Charlie out of Iraq.

Charlie is but one example of the amazing bonds formed between soldiers and companion animals. Many other dogs (and cats) who have been adopted by US soldiers abroad are in similar predicaments.

How can you help? Click here for more information.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up. I donated and wrote a blogpost about this awesome cause. I found this picture of a border collie puppy in IRAQ a month ago and it has been in the back of my mind ever since. BCs in Iraq???

    Well, now I know that it was a little sign to keep on the look out for Operation Baghdad Dogs.

    I think we should watch out though, the military trained dogs who are hardened by the battle fields might kick our butts in Agility when they get here. The teeter is nowhere as scary as an IED or road side bomb!




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