Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awww...Mum's Dyson!

Last year Mum got a Dyson. After we got Gracie, keeping up with the mess, fur, and dirt was getting much more challenging and too much for our other vacuum. So Mum did some research, and decided to get a Dyson.

She didn't end up getting the Dyson Animal vacuum, which may surprise you. But she did get this nice D15 Ball, and then bought the rotary attachment separately. She found it to be less expensive that way and then she had all the same elements as The Animal.

Now she wouldn't live without it. With both of us, it can get pretty dirty around here, and Mum tries to vacuum every other day. But you know how it is sometimes. And when she lets it go....she has to sometimes empty the dirt canister about three to four times - and it's not because the canister is small. It's big!

I'm not a big fan of the thing - makes way too much noise for me. But Mum absolute would recommend this vacuum to any pet lover, or non-pet lover, at that!


  1. We have a Dyson too that Mom loves. We hate it.

    I think we empty the canister 4-5 times even when she does it daily. :)

  2. Mom has been hearing all the poop about this Dyson lately and she says that the next time we need a vacuum there will be no question that it'll be a Dyson! Great! There goes my peace and quiet!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Wow Brat Pack - 4-5 times a day, well guess there are more of you and us! BOL! But she's much better than Mum vacuuming daily, wow!

    Maggie & Mitch - Oh Mum says that your Mum will be soooo glad she got one. But I really am sad for you two! Sorry I brought it up, BOL!


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