Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How much are you like your Mum or Dad?

Mum says that I'm just like her - that's why she likes me! BOL! And Gracie? Well, there are parts of her that are just like Mum too, kind of depends on Mum's mood.

A recent article in The Daily Collegian talks a lot about how pets imitate humans. It says that...
Jane Fryer said her kitten Skittles sometimes too closely follows the example of the members at the fraternity where he lives with Fryer's boyfriend.

"[Skittles] will run around the room at full speed and try to climb up everything. He has no fear, just like the frat boys," Fryer (sophomore-hotel, restaurant and institutional management) said. "I feel, that being in a fraternity, Skittles has taken on many of the aspects of a person living in that environment: large amounts of sleeping and lounging followed by senseless running in circles around the room."
A new British study, which says pet owners may want to consider kicking their bad habits before their pets start following their examples.The study, conducted by professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in England, states that, 'over time, animals are likely to pick up their owners' characteristics.'

Results of the yearlong study, which will continue for the next six months, show that pets and their owners share many personality traits. We took part in the study, it was fast and easy. If you want to take part, check this out, it will only take you a few minutes. And to read more about the study so far, read this!


  1. Hi Johann -

    I have a dog that I would very much like to do agility with, so I was very interested to find your blog. My dog is a shepherd/hound mix who loves to run and make quick turns. We just have to work on that whole obedience thing a bit more. She's starting canine good citizen class soon.

    I had to laugh when I saw the article talking about dogs resembling their owners.

    My dog has long skinny legs, narrow hips and a slim waist. Sadly, I do not!

    (see my dog at

  2. Hi Peggy - thanks for stopping by! Oh, we most certainly recommend agility when you're ready. Stop by and ask us any questions - we'd be glad to help.

    And, how much you wanna bet that you two grow to look a like later...keep us posted on that, K? BOL!!!


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