Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting rid of the pudge!

I think Mum and I got a little 'soft' over the past two weeks. Mum's been working too much on the 'puter. and I've been laying around for her to get done. Since the time change I just feel off, and my exercise routine has suffered. I haven't even done my zoomies in the backyard for a couple of days - doing them at night, just isn't doesn't seem right. And there are fewer, and fewer birds to herd.

Mum and I both think we've both gotten just a tad bit pudgy. So it's off the yogurt for me the next week or so to help me drop a half a lb or so. And I'm upping my exercise and adding a few fruits and veggies to my plate.

And Mum is looking around to compare medifast, nutrisystem, weightwatchers and other weight loss programs, to drop a few lbs, herself. She may even look into the South beach diet a little, and read up on some weight loss tricks and healthy diet tips.

Mum doesn't really follow any 'labeled' diet plan, she just works to follow some basic rules of healthy eating, whole foods, lots of water, good exercise on a regular basis. But she does like to keep informed about what folks are saying about how to lose weight!

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