Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Training and pudge!

Yesterday we had a great training day. Well, at least the weather and Gracie were great. Me? I was a little off to say the least, and so was Mum!

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, 60 degrees and sunny, little to no wind. Just a wonderful day to be outside having fun. Mum started with me first this time (she usually starts with Gracie). But I was so wound up, that she thought she'd give me my turn early.

I started out pretty good, but not having two weeks of training - well, I'll just say our timing was off. Mum wasn't thinking clear, so I was unsure where to go. I did some nice weaving and got in a little teeter practice, since I've been kind of weird on the teeter lately. We did have a couple of really nice sequence runs doing some rear crosses - both nice and tight. But generally speaking we both felt off.

Gracie did great! She was attentive, interested and most of the time pretty speedy, even through the weaves. Considering she hadn't seen the weaves in three weeks, she did them well, only missing an entrance once when Mum bent over. Just wish she would do that at a trial someday!

Mum says we don't have many more nice days left, so we're getting in some kind of practice everyday, she says, until the weather turns bad - it may be just 10-20 minutes of sequencing, weave and/or teeter practice (and maybe a little distance), but enough to get us both active, everyday - 'cause she says we are getting just a tad bit pudgy!


  1. Hello Johann ~ I love agility too! Thank you again for the awesome treat; have you seen the one I put out for you?

    Lots of Love Licks you agility dog you... wag wag

  2. Yup not many good days left once the snow falls.... ugh. But the nice long dark nights are relaxing.

  3. Hey Crikit, Sparky and Ginger - thanks for stopping by! We love the treat you left for us, thanks!

    Hey Cyn - really glad to see ya!


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