Thursday, November 15, 2007


I don't know about all of you pups out there, but I really don't like getting a bath - just like I'm sure most pups don't. Lately something very strange has happened, it's been a while since I've had a bath. Perhaps even several months.

Now I don't mind telling you there have been times when I've smelled pretty bad, mostly because I rolled in 'yucky' stuff. And I've been pretty dirty at times too, especially after I run an agility weekend at the Circle G Ranch. But Mum brushes the dirt out, and cleans up the 'yucky' spot areas around my neck. But she still hasn't given me a bath for a while. Why you ask?

Well, she says I smell good! What, I smell good? I'm a dog! But she absolutely loves to put her nose into my fur and take really big whiffs. Then she says, 'I just love that smell!' What is up with that?

I know that this won't be able to go on forever, darn it. I'll have to have a bath sooner or later. I actually don't mind not smelling like myself too much after the bath, 'cause Mum uses Buddy Wash lavender and it smells pretty good even to me!

But when it comes time there is one thing I am demanding. Mum must get a new faucet with a sprayer attachment, I hate the rig she has going on in the tub now, it sprays in my face! Maybe she could choose from Moen Faucets for a new one with a sprayer, or one of those Kohler water tiles would be pretty cool. And while she's at it, she may as well look at Blanco sinks, I'd fit in one of those!


  1. Too cute! My dog Darwin hates and I mean hates water! Our little puppy Stella loves it! Bath time is a challenge here though. What a cute blog you have here.

  2. Uh, I hate bathtime too! And I try to roll in something yucky on the very next walk. You know, to prove them that bathing me isn't just annoying but it's really also useless :)

  3. I don't get chance to get dirty. So I don't get bathed. Phew.


  4. Thanks Marla - we'll be stopping by soon!

    Xsara - good tip, thanks! I'll work it next time.

    Katherine - wow, how do you do that! Us inquiring pups want to know.

    Thanks for stopping by all! Woofs, Johann


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