Wednesday, November 07, 2007


When it rains it pours. Not too long ago, Mum was folding some laundry, Gracie and I were hanging on the stairs, when this horrid sound came from the closet. Kind of a constant swooooosshhhh sound. What the DOG!

Needless to say we were startled, I barked, Gracie howled, and Mum said, "oh, no, what now!"

Mum opened the closet and this water was spewing out from the water heater down the drain from the upstairs to the downstairs. (Lucky there was a drain there!). First she called her brother to see if he knew anything about water heaters. He said to reset it, but that didn't work.

And of course you all know that these things happen on a Sunday, right? When all the repair places are closed and it cost double for repair men to come to the house.

But we had to call, no choice. They came right away, investigated and said that the heating elements were bad, not a huge problem. Whew, we dodged a bullet. She was so hoping that we wouldn't need a new Water Heater Installation. And we didn't!

So the repair guy changed the elements and turned everything back on and we were all good as new. Mum made sure to watch everything he did so that if it happened again, she'd hopefully know much more about what to do.

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