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Exclusive Interview - Part 2: Chloe, constant companion of Lee Harrington, talks about life, love and Rex And The City!

This week, we are proud and honored to share with you an exclusive interview with Chloe, the constant companion of Lee Harrington, author of Rex And The City: A Memoir of a Woman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional Dog.

This is Part 2 of our interview which will continue tomorrow. Be sure and catch up with Part 1.

Our interview takes place over three days, as Chloe talks about her life in New York and Woodstock, her loves, her likes and dislikes, gives clues about Wallace, the subject of Rex in Rex And The City, and shares with us what it's like to be a celebrity dog, living with a celebrity.

We hope you enjoy this three part, on with the interview, and don't forget to click in tomorrow for more!

Johann: Tell us more about living in Woodstock and what you like to do there?

Chloe: We live in a cottage in a valley between Mount Guardian and Overlook Mountain. Both those mountains make us feel safe. Even their names make us feel safe.

I share my yard with rabbits, deer, bear, skunks, possums, and some red-eyed creature that refuses to come out from beneath the woodshed and surrender himself.

I wish I had another dog brother or sister to play with, but Mum keeps saying she “needs to get her act together” first. She has been trying to “get to act together” for about three years. I’m routing for her. We all are. Pretty soon I hope she will realize that this “act” of hers has been together all along. Dogs are born knowing these things; with humans it usually takes about eighty years to figure such things out.

Dogs are allowed inside the Woodstock Public Library, and I love going in to say hi to all the nice librarians who tell me I am pretty and give me treats. I also love going to BankNorth, where all the tellers tell me I am pretty and give me treats. I love going to the dry cleaners, too, because they tell me I am pretty and give me treats.

Woofstock is the local pet store, and it is the best store in the entire world! Imagine a store full of dog food, and pretty collars, and dog treats! I love how they keep the piggie ears in a basket on the floor, which makes it easy for me to steal them, because I am not allowed to jump on counters and everyone at Woofstock knows this.

But it’s not really stealing because Mum always has to pay for the piggie ears. Each time she tells me not to expect any Christmas presents this year, because I have already “eaten her out of the bank” but I know she’s lying. Dogs always know the truth. I’ll probably get bull pizzles and a new sweater for Christmas, like I always do. Yippee!

Anyway, Woodstock has lots of parks and hiking trails and fun places for dogs to run free. I can’t tell you where they are, in case an Animal Control Officer is reading this. Them’s not nice peeps.

When Mum first adopted me, she lived in New York City, and I liked it there, too. I could write a whole book about life for dogs in New York City, and so can Mum. In fact, she did write a whole book about life for dogs in New York City—the oft mentioned Rex And The City. So you don’t need to hear it from the dog’s mouth, as it were.

Johann: What are your favorite things to do, and eat?

Chloe: I like what most of my species like: running, playing, sniffing, going for walks. My mum always says, “you are such a dog!”

My favorite outdoor sport is swimming. Oh, and I love to hunt for fish. It says on my ID papers that I am a “bird dog,” but I much prefer fish. Something about the way they shimmy and wiggle...much more interesting than birds. I have not, to date, caught one single fish. But that does not take the joy out of fishing.

Johann: And what else do you like?

Chloe: I like licking out the insides of Haagen Dazs containers, and I like it when the cats decapitate a squirrel and leave behind the body for me to roll in. (And I don’t understand why Mum won’t let me bring these decomposing headless carcasses into the house).

When we go to the city, I love to visit the Ft. Tryon dog park and visit my old pals. Everyone there was so good to me when I first came to New York City from the country, and you never forget your first friends. My favorites were Lexi, a Ridgeback mix; Pepper, a feisty pit-bull; and Bird, a little terrier that looks nothing like a bird. They taught me that life in New York City for a dog is pretty good.

Also, when I go to the city, I like to visit all the stores, especially the one near our apartment that—get this—sells nothing but meat! Meat hanging on hooks in the windows, meat in the long glass cases, meat in a mysterious back room.

When we walk past this store I always stop and gaze into the window, for this, to me, is what doggie heaven must be. And the man inside the store always points at me and smiles, because he likes to see the way I squash my nose against the window to get a better look at this Food from the Gods.

He likes to see the way I wag my tail—I can’t help it! If it’s not too busy this nice man will come out and say hi to me. His apron always smells like heaven, and he has big gentle hands that smell like heaven, too. Sometimes he sends his daughter into the mysterious back room, and I go wild with joy, because this means they have an extra marrow bone! O Joy O Joy. “I wish all my customers were as nice as her,” the man always says to Mum, and she laughs and thanks him for the marrow bone, and suddenly I am in a great rush to get home to the apartment, so that I can try to bury the bone between the sofa cushions which technically not allowed, but I keep trying anyway.

As to what I like to eat - what don’t I like to eat? My mum makes my food, and tells me every day that I am a lucky lucky dog, and that other dogs are eating canned Alpo, or overly processed, chemically saturated crapola-kibble from the supermarket, and it’s true, I am lucky.

But whenever I go to my boyfriend Rainbow’s house, (he’s an English Setter/Beagle mix, and the handsomest dog you will ever meet) I steal his crapola-kibble, and it’s not bad, not bad at all. Sure, it gives me diarrhea, but food is food. I’ll even eat mud if I’m bored enough, and once I ate a rock, but I am not supposed to tell anyone that story.

I also like to eat: smoked turkey, donuts, carrot cake flavored Clif bars, and festering marrow bones. Delish! Especially if the bones have been left to rot for three months or more.

I can’t decide which I like the best: food, my boyfriend Rainbow, or people. All of them are just so much fun. I like to make people happy, and for some reason they really laugh when I stand on my head and wag my butt in the air. Go figure. And they call dogs simple!

Check in tomorrow when we will have the final part of our three part interview with Chloe! And if you missed part one, click here.

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