Friday, November 23, 2007

Gettin' ready for winter!

It's official, it's turned cold here, 25 degrees this morning! And there was snow yesterday; not enough to stick, but just enough to decorate my fur coat!

I love the cold weather, the snow - playing around in the stuff is just the best. And since I'm not injured (cross paws!) this November, it just may be my first winter that I can really enjoy.

Mum's been lax in getting everything ready for Winter. She still needs to mow one more time (she thinks she can do it when it warms up next week). And she needs to cut down the perennials, clean up the leaves and beds, and, and, and. Just seems that she doesn't have as much time this year as last. But she'll get it done. She also needs to get the car ready for Winter. She saw today that AAMCO has some coupon deals that she may check out before she takes the car in for winterizing. She's always looking for ways to save money for more agility!

And since I'm not injured this Winter we're going to do some agility!! Yeah! Both years of my life I was injured during the Winter and couldn't do agility. So we are gonna be able to play, travel to trials, get in some good training and hopefully get in some more MACH points this Winter.

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