Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Mum loves to organize things - she organizes closets, drawers, shelves and even me! She hasn't gotten on her organizing kick for awhile, been too busy. But I think I can see it coming. Now that I've known her I see that she gets this 'organization bug' near the end of every year.

First she will start with the garage, while it's still warm (btw, she already did that). Then she makes her way into her office to get ready for tax season. Then she starts gravitating to the kitchen, then the closets downstairs, then it's off to work on the upstairs.

The first year I saw her do this, I was awestruck. I loved helping her, and the kitties do too. We get right in there and help her put everything in it's place, or at least the place that we think it should be, BOL!!!

One year, she bought this really cool coat rack. (That isn't the pic, but you get the idea). It had a dog and a cat on it. She didn't like the color, so she gave it a good coat of paint to coordinate with the kitchen. Then she hung it up and put my leashes and collars on it, and a spare key for the front door. Now this is the kind of organization I can sink my teeth into!

Dog, I have to say that whenever she heads for that coat rack - which we call a leash rack now - I get soooo excited, 'cause it usually means we're going for a W-A-L-K!

Did someone say WALK!!!!!!!

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