Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We had training yesterday!

We had a great training session yesterday, Gracie, Mum and I. We headed out to our trainers house at the crack of dawn, and started our session at about 8:00 AM. It was kind of nice out yesterday, 60 degrees, a little breezy.

Last week Mum started with me, instead of Gracie, and things just didn't seem right with us, we were both off. So Gracie got to go first like she usually does. With all the dampness lately there were tons of smells in the agility ring and Gracie wanted to smell them all. She started out kind of rough, but soon she was in the total swing of running well. At one point she was flying through the course, slicing jumps like I've never seen.

She did have a few problems yesterday with focus that Mum and Gracie are going to work on. Another was taking a humongous leap off the teeter from the middle of the teeter, oops!!! Guess she was being a bit impatient. And they need to work more on her running contacts when Mum can't be there to manage them.

Then it was my turn, mine, mine, mine!!!

Mum really wanted to run a full course with me, since we had been doing a lot of sequencing lately. She's working on building my endurance. Plus, after last weeks miserable training session, she wanted to see how I would do on a full course (we haven't been to a trial in about three weeks).

So that's just what we did. Mum walked the course, figuring out the best ways to keep me tight. I ran it the first time, did very well - but not so tight in some areas, especially in the pinwheel. I was wide from the middle to the last jump of the wheel. Something to work on. After the weaves there was a jump straight on, with two side by side jumps to the left (which would be an around). Mum rear crossed me on the first jump, I hesitated a split second, then took the jump to the left and did the around very well - even though it was a nasty angle, then it was up the dog walk. Mum was impressed I did it!

After my first run, we worked on the course again. It was much tighter, and just as speedy. Then we went over to the jumpers ring and had a go at a jumpers circle - all types of jumps in there. Just a big, ole circle - to work on jumping skills, speed and being tight through the circle. Total fun! And I kept my speed up. Mum was real happy with that.

Trainer J says that I'm getting very precise in my actions, and Mum is getting a lot more determined about where she wants me to go. Sometimes, Mum wonders if she is running faster, or does it seem like I'm slower. But Trainer J says that with Mum running more laterally from me, but still running her fastest - it just seems like I'm slower. My times are showing that I'm faster and we're getting much better placements than we had been last year and earlier this year. So we're pretty happy with that!

All in all it was a great training day. We may have training next week, not sure. But fur sure we go to the trial next Friday through Sunday. Can't wait!!!!

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