Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NJ Aid For Animals!

As we post about pups on our Rescue Me blog, we come across shelters all across the country.

One we came across the other day is the NJ Aid For Animals, an non-profit animal rescue in the New Jersey area that strives to help animals in many ways.

NJ Aid for Animals, advocates spay/neuter and it's education, help to arrange transport and find funding for individuals who are unable to spay/neuter their pet. They also help abused, neglected, stray and abandoned animals in need and help them find homes. In addition, have been working to report those who abuse animals and to help in the prosecution of these individuals.

We stopped by their blog the other day and found a lot of great information about their pups in need, their work and about legislative information that affects animals and shelters not only in the NJ area, but throughout the country . We also found these two cutie pups who are looking for a great new furever home. Looks like they may be Bichon/Cocker/Poodle Mixes, about 6-8 months old.

If you are in the New Jersey area, be sure and visit their blog for continuous updates and adoptable animals in need. And if you are looking for charitable giving opportunities this holiday season, I am sure they would appreciate any type of donation, whether it be monetary, in-kind or in the form of needed supplies.

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