Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A happy tail from the Virginia Puppy Mill seizure!

November was a big month for pup rescue in the Virginia area, as over 1100 pups were seized from a Virginia Puppy Mill, and sent to shelters all up and down the East Coast.

But thanks to hundreds of good Samaritans, the pups have been cleaned up, cared for and put up for adoption - and hundreds of other good Samaritans have welcomed many of them into their homes, forever.

The Washington Post has a great story about one of the pups. This is Barbara Grewe and Gerti. Gerti was adopted from the Montgomery County Humane Society, a shelter that took in over 160 of the Virginia Puppy Mill pups.

As with all rescues of this nature, both pup and their new adoptive families will have new, wonderful, and very challenging days ahead as both begin to adapt to their new living situations. These pups have never been socialized, or free from their cages. They have never seen a toy and don't know how to play. They have never walked on a leash and have no idea about potty training.

They will have a lot of adjusting ahead for them. We are very happy to hear that the shelters are taking these circumstances into consideration and helping potential adopters learn and be aware of the special needs of these pets - through training sessions, screening, and awareness.

These pups and their new families have a long road ahead of them - we wish them well and are sending lots of love their way.

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