Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keeping warm!

It can get pretty cold here in Indiana. Right now, we are still training outside (even though we are skipping this week because of a three day trial this coming weekend).

I have a nice fur coat coming in for the Winter, but it's kind of an effort for Mum to keep warm when we train outside, or even inside the barn.

Mum always has some nice fleece blankets on hand for my crate at trials. But she's been shopping around this week looking for clothes to keep her warmer. She ordered a nice down jacket this week and has been looking around for some nice fleece - hopefully some that doesn't pill or collect a whole bunch of doggie hair. She came across this site that she thought was interesting - Carefree Casuals, and really liked this fleece jacket. And seems they are offering free shipping on any order over $50 - and 30% off any three pullovers.

Of course the jackets must have pockets so Mum can keep my treats really close at hand, BOL!!!

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