Sunday, November 11, 2007

I have my own credit card!

Many of you know that I am CEO of Johann The Dog, Inc., our company that includes our website, blogs, and other present and planned ventures. Mum and I have a lot of fun running our company, bringing cool stuff and information to other cool dogs, like me, BOL! And we get to earn some money for rescues and shelters, since 10% of our profits are donated to these worthy causes.

When Mum started the company we had to buy some stuff - web hosting, domain names, business cards, and other things. Many times you have to pay for these items with a credit card - so we got a JohannTheDog credit card. Yep, you heard right, I have my own credit card.

There are all sorts of them out there - 0% credit cards, high interest credit cards, low interest credit cards, and cards that you use one month and pay off the next. We got one of those, BTW.

Getting a credit card is a big responsibility. Using it is even more of a responsibility. So when you compare credit cards take your time and look around for the best deal for you, our business and your situation. We're sure glad we did!

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