Sunday, November 11, 2007

I want a treadmill!

Now that it's getting cold outside, we've been looking around for a ways to get some exercise inside!

Remember when I did hydrotherapy? (If you'd like to see the vid, do a quick search for hydrotherapy in the search box at the top of my blog.) I liked it. So Mum thought that getting a treadmill would be good for me.

Lot of dogs do really well on a treadmill if they are introduced to it correctly. When Mum worked with me to get used to the hydrotherapy (which is basically a treadmill under water) she let me look it over, walk in it and gave me lots of treats. It was kind of noisy and I hate machines, but since we were all calm and happy, I didn't even notice the noise. And took to it really fast. So we really want a treadmill now.

Here's a vid of how to teach a dog to run on the treadmill. A couple of things that Mum would add to get me happy and used to the treadmill is turning it on just while I'm in the room to best get used to the noise, even before I get on it, or get closed to it. Clicking and treating throughout. And we would take our time with this, just so I would be at my utmost comfortableness.

If anyone knows where we can get a nice used one, let us know K?

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