Sunday, November 11, 2007

Get a room!

I think that Gracie and Wiggy have a love affair going on. Who ever said cats and dogs can't get along, well, they weren't very smart, were they?

Every morning when Mum is getting our breakfast ready and getting out our dog bowls, Wiggy goes up to Gracie and starts loving on her - he rubs up against her neck, then starts nuzzling her. Pretty soon Gracie is reciprocating and starts licking Wiggy's ears, playing with her neck.

Then I found them outside the other day canoodling. What is going on here, have pigs started flying, or what?

Then after this I saw them start this little native dance...first Wiggy rolls...and rolls around on the ground...

Then Gracie starts in on the rolling bit...and she starts to snort...

Someone, please tell them to get a room!

If this goes on, Wiggy is going to start giving Gracie gifts, taking her out to dinner, getting her a treat from one of her dog treat jars.

History has shown that cats and dogs are mostly mortal enemies. You remember the not too distant movie "Cats and Dogs." There is even a phrase used by two-leggers to describe people who just can't get along and fight 'like cats and dogs.' Some even believe that when cats and dogs get along that it will be the end of the world!

My opinion? Cats and dogs can get along - as a matter of fact I consider Wolfie and Wiggy part of my pack! What do you think?

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  1. BOL! Yeah, that sounds like a courtship to me!! I do that type of stuff with my girlfriend, Denali!



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