Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wiggy's toy!

See this little toy? It's Wiggy's. Wiggy is my kittie brother, the big Maine Coon cat that rules the roost around here.

He has the coolest toy, it's looks a little like a squirrel without a tail, it's soft and has innards with catnip. I'm not a catnip lover, by any means, but I love this toy!

Every morning, the first thing I do after I get up and go downstairs is run around the house looking for Wiggy's toy. Wiggy plays with it in the middle of the night and leaves it somewhere for me to find. Once I get it, it's a bit of a chase from Mum, 'cause she doesn't want me to lay with Wiggy's toys, I have my own, she says.

So I play a little hide and seek with her for a few minutes before going out to 'do my business.' Here I am hiding behind the couch. After a little while (I think Mum wants me secretly have a little fun with it), Mum says 'I'll take that,' and I reluctantly drop the little critter.

Mum gives me a good boy, but not before I try and get it from her a little. I really hate to give it up, but I do and Mum gives me one of my toys as a consolation prize. Hey pups? Do you like to steal your kittie brother's/sister's toys?

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  1. oohhhh, that looks like a nice toy!! hehe...You're so lucky to have fur-siblings!!



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