Thursday, November 01, 2007

Keeping it green for the holidays!

Mum and I like to keep things green as much as we can to help the environment. You remember our Squidoo lens on Raising a Green Dog! So we got to thinking about ways we can do this during the holiday season!

Gracie and I are pretty sure that any new toys and treats we get will be green - all natural and organic treats (which we absolutely love, by the way) and some great toys made out of recycled items, and even some homemade tugs from Mum's old socks.

And there are other things that we've been thinking about, like using only LED Christmas lights since they use 80-90% less energy costs than incandescent lights and are reusable.

We'll probably send out email cards this year, like we did last year, to minimize waste. And I'm sure that we'll reuse our grocery bags for wrapping paper (we add our paw prints and some colored string on them and they look great!). We always get loads of complements on these items.

I'm sure Mum will mix up a good batch of doggie cookies for our friends. And we'll recycle some of the toys we wint at trials ('cause Gracie and I wouldn't ever get to them all).

What are you all doing this holiday season? Any thoughts on how you will be greening up the environment?

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  1. Johann, as usual your post is interesting! Could you please ask your mum if she has done any research on recycled toys for pets. I thought I read somewhere that we need to be careful of toys made from recycled motor car tyres and I can't remember what it was.


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