Thursday, November 01, 2007


The first day of the Cynosport World Games got underway yesterday with the Grand Prix Classic - a course taken from the first Games way back in 1988. As predicted there was loads of speed and a real nasty weave entrance that hung up many teams.

The Classic was a 'just for fun' event and great warm up for events to come today. Word on the street is that Liz Dodge and Mick won the 22" classic, but that's not verified.

Today's events include the quarterfinals for Steeplechase and Performance National Standard, as well as Team events - Snooker and Jumpers. Everything gets underway at about 7:00 AM MST.

Good luck to all the competitors!

The EastValley Tribune (covering the Phoenix area) had a nice article about Stella, a German shepherd mix, who is competing at Cynosport in agility this week. Stella, had been shot, abused and abandoned by her owners when Annie DeChance adopted her nearly three years ago.

We'll bring more news as it comes to us....

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