Thursday, November 22, 2007

Meeting up at agility trails!

When we go to agility trials we meet lots of new friends. I love that part of agility and Mum does too!

We've met some really cool folks; like the Boxers at the Boxer Club Trial in Ohio, that I actually got along with (for some reason I don't have a good history with Boxers, but these guys changed my mind!), the Bi-Black Shelties in Ohio that I feel a kinship with, the Spaniel that lives on the other side of Indy that is just the sweetest pup in the Universe, and the little Sheltie that was in my first agility class that I still get to spend some fun times with at trials.

It's really fun to talk with these pups and their Mums (and Dads). We love to talk about training and traveling tips, which trials they will be going to next. We like to cheer each other on, help each other with course walking ideas, and generally just have a great time.

And like many folks involved in dog sports, there is a group of us here from the Indy area that pretty much end up at the same trials in Ohio and throughout Indiana, weekend, after weekend. It's always great to see a friendly face when we pull up to unpack our car. As kind of a newbie to the sport, it's fun to get to know these folks and learn from them, too!

When we meet someone new, we are sure to give them our business card, so we can keep in touch. Sure would be nice if we had a cool portable scanner to get it right into our Outlook easily when we get home! Ah, maybe later.

But the important thing is we've met some of our best friends in agility, friends that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. For this we are really thankful today!

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