Thursday, November 22, 2007

Photos with Santa!

Well, Mum did it. The first year she had me in 2004, she went and had my pic taken with Santa. I don't even think that Mum has a picture of herself with Santa when she was young. Now that's a BOL!!!!!

I know, I look scared to death (I think I may have been, I blocked it out), and that Santa, well, isn't he a jolly ole St. Nick, not!!!

Are you gonna get your pic taken with Santa this year? For some it's a fun annual tradition, and can be a great socializing opportunity.

There are usually all kinds of places you can get your pic taken - at your local pet store, or your humane society, even some doggie bakeries are getting in on the act, and maybe even your local mall. If you do, be sure and have fun, K? 'Cause Santa will most certainly be watching this time!

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