Friday, November 16, 2007

More Holiday plans!

Mum is putting a lot of thought to our Holiday plans this year - dinner, gifts, cards, decorating. And she's been searching the Internet for ideas. One site she came across the other day was a Wine of the Month site.

This brought back some great memories to Mum. One of her best buds when she first started her career, is now living in a beautiful southern Indiana town, where she and her husband own and operate a very successful small winery. Mum has never been a big fan of wine, but sometimes likes to partake and sample.

Her friend helped her learn more about wine, and what kinds she likes. Mum says it is fun to learn about this completely different line of work and life. Her friend uprooted her old life to start a completely different and new one, and Mum loves to go and visit her whenever she can. Sadly it's not as much as she'd like to. But Mum thinks about her often, and when she needs a great housewarming or party gift, she knows exactly where to go.

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