Friday, November 02, 2007


Us pups have it made, we don't have to wear socks or shoes (although sometimes Mum puts boots on me when it's really cold and snowy to keep the ice-balls at bay). But shoes are really important to the two-leggers.

Mum's Dad owned a family shoe store and Mum basically grew up there. She worked in the store doing a variety of things from the time she was 10 or so. She says it was fun going there and spending time with her Dad, helping him with bookwork, getting ready for sales, and stocking the shelves.

She even started her first business through her Dad - washing windows for all the downtown businesses every week.

Many of our agility buds (the handlers, of course) have hurting feet - maybe it's just a fact of life when you get older. Luckily, Mum doesn't have trouble with hers - she's always known the importance of wearing the right shoes for the right activity - and she always had access to free shoes too, which helps.

There are all kinds of shoes from Work Boots, to Running Shoes, Walking Shoes, Steel Toe Boots, Cross-Trainers, Waterproof Shoes and even cool Agility Shoes with little rubber spikes. Mum says she has all of them, just in case she needs 'em.

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