Friday, November 02, 2007


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The final results from the Grand Prix Classic held Wednesday at Cynosport have been announced, check 'em out! And here are the Performance results.

Updated results are now in for:

Dog Agility Masters Team Snooker Results and Course Analysis
Dog Agility Masters Team Jumpers Results
Veteran's Snooker Results
Veterans Jumpers Results
Performance Versatility Snooker Results
Performance Versatility Jumpers Results
Performance National Standard Quarterfinal Results and Course Analysis

Haven't seen Steeplechase Quarterfinal Results yet....but here is a little course analysis.

Dogs are making a splash at the Splash Dogs event at Cynosport this week with over 300 dogs giving it a go. The biggest leap as of noonish yesterday was Nevada, a Border Collie, jumping 23.5 feet. Read more! Spots are now filled for Sunday's Splash Dogs World Championships.

The East Valley Tribune had a small feature article in paper yesterday- Dog Olympics open in Scottsdale. Tessa trialled all that way and got an injury in practice.

Today's events - Grand Prix Quarterfinals, Team Standard, and the Steeplechase Semifinals. See the courses for today!

Stay tuned...

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