Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Solar powered!

If you missed it be sure and check it out - our new blog - Raise A Green Dog! (Scroll down a bit to see the post).

Raise A Green Dog is going to focus on news, information, products and tips to help your dog go green. What is a green dog? It's an environmentally responsible pup, that works to leave less of a 'paw print' on the environment. And there are lots of ways to do it! Be sure and check our our blog for more info.

We came across a site that we'll be posting about on our new blog, but wanted to share the info here as well. It's called AboutMyPlanet.com. They offer a lot of green information, users can read/discuss and share their green tips and info. And they have a great section on Solar Power. We're going to be scanning their site, blog and forums for info to bring you to help you be more of a green dog!


  1. wow.. solar powered!.. can't wait to see how can we improve the environment through this..



Thanks for barking in!

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