Monday, November 12, 2007

There's goin' to be agility tomorrow!

I think I have waited enough! For two weeks I haven't had any agility in my life. After I face planted during my final standard run two weekends ago (which was also my 9th Q in a row, BTW), Mum made me take a week off (for good measure). She says that it was only one year ago this week that I got my broken paw, and I still need to make sure and take good care of my formerly atrophied leg.

Then we didn't go last week, 'cause our trainer was getting back from the nationals. Mum could have taken me to Columbus, Indiana, but she's been so busy with work that we just skipped practice this week. And since November is my curse month for getting injuries, we're trying to break it by minimizing any dangers. (I have three more weeks to go to break the curse).

But now the wait is over! Tomorrow is training day.

Since we've skipped any trials all of November (because of that dratted curse), Mum hopes I'm not getting to mushy. So she's been taking me for a couple of walks a day and of course there are my zoomies, morning, noon and night.

We're signed up for our next trial the last day of November and two days into December. We didn't get in to the trial in Lafayette on Saturday, so Mum signed us up for two days in Ohio and one day in Indiana that weekend. Two days on dirt, one day on matting - should be interesting!

I'll bark in tomorrow with a training update.


  1. Woh I know you'll be pawsome at agility Johann. It'll be nice to zoom real fast and do obstacles right. ;)

    ~ Girl girl

  2. Hey Johanns,

    We're linked! I use Firefox most of the times but I can't links unless I'm usin' Safaris. Guess ∆≈ started blogrollin' in Safaris and so must go backs and forths.

    Carefuls with your paw. No injuries!!!!! Coz then you can't agilitys or blogs.

    Be carefuls and good lucks.



  3. Hey Johann! I know what you mean 'bout Lafayette. Mom was dumb and forgot to send in entries til after the draw - so we're only going on Sunday! She said she's clinging to her green stuffs, so no Ohio trial for us that weekend. My dad and brother are entered with me - gonna show 'em how it's done! Hope you don't bust yourself!

  4. u had been rested for 2 weeks??

    i bet ur energy had been fully recharged...


Thanks for barking in!

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