Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A toothache?

Mum says I give her a toothache! What? You guys remember the movie Clueless, right? It means she thinks I'm sweet!

Many of you may remember I have a chipped tooth. Luckily it doesn't bother me at all, cause the chip was really, really small. But we're keeping a watch on it real close.

Seems there is a new product out for the two-leggers for when they get a broken tooth or have a toothache. It's called Dentemp OS, a new dental cement that you can get at your local drug store that is a first aid product for fillings and loose caps. It provides temporary dental repair, for those times when you can't get right in to see the dentist.

They say is provides fast, temporary relief of pain and can temporarily replace lost fillings and loose crowns. And you can eat on it within 30 minutes of putting it on your tooth.

Mum's been lucky, she's only had one broken tooth in her life, even though she had a shady dentist when she was young that practically filled all of her teeth, unnecessarily. It was a long time ago and she lived in a small rural town with only one dentist. So now she has to put up with getting her fillings replaced every now and then. Bad guy, he was - thankfully not practicing any more.

And that tooth she broke didn't hurt. She was able to get into the dentist the next day to get it all fixed up. Since then she has learned that putting some clove oil on her tooth if it hurts will ease the pain, and keeps that info on hand, just in case.

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