Friday, November 23, 2007

Tree decorating!

Mum loves to decorate the tree, putting on interesting lights, great ornaments. Last year she did a dog themed tree, just to honor me and Gracie! It was fun! Maybe if the kitties are lucky, she'd do a kittie themed tree this year.

Here's a pic of our tree from last year. It's kind of difficult to see, but there are all these cute little doggie ornaments all over it!

We found that dog ornaments aren't that easy to locate, you have to do some real digging through many stores to find them. So whenever Mum is out and about, she makes sure that she stops where they have ornaments, just in case their is one to add to our collection.

We stopped by a site today and found a few dog themed ornaments, it's a collectible site that also has Thomas Kinkade Christmas Villages. If you like collectibles this is a great site, and they have a pretty good variety of doggie related and breed themed items.

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