Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's the best flooring for dogs?

Mum has been thinking a lot about changing the flooring in our home, hopefully to something more durable. It's not that bad, but parts need replacing and you know how it is - when you replace one part, you might as well do it all.

So, readers! We have a question for you! What kind of flooring do you have in your home? We have carpet here, with some vinyl (which totally needs replacing). The carpet has held up pretty well even though it's beige even without Mum cleaning it to death.

But we'd like to know more about the types of floors you have with your pups? And how do you like what you have. Do you have hardwood flooring? Carpet? Tile? And which do you think is best with dogs?


  1. Tile, for sure. We have our front room all tiled and I love it! Wood, unfortunately, can't have standing water.. or.. errrr... standing pee or poop on it or it will stain. And with our fosters, we couldn't have that.

    The tile is kinda cold, but with slippers it's fine. And we throw yoga mats down so the dogs don't slip too much.

  2. Oh, thanks, Cyn! The yoga mats are a great idea!

  3. Johann, we have polished parquetry - it's from the sixties, so very old, and as good as the day it was put down and is quite resistant to liquids. But I think maybe it's very expensive these days. The rest of the living part of the house is vinyl, which is also great for spills of every kind.
    The bedrooms are carpet.
    I was told that Penny might have a problem with her shoulder joint and it was suggested that this might be because we play running and fetching games in the house and she can't get a good grip on the floor and her legs splay out. So I'd say, go for a floor surface that has some traction. (Or maybe we should keep games outside - but what about rainy and hot days???)

  4. We've had all three and have to agree that tile is better for dogs - although sometimes they skid around a lot if they are excited.

    We had hardwood and carpets in UK (plus tiles in kitchen), and we didn't have any mess to clean up so we were lucky.

    Tiles are good here in Spain and Gibraltar but the temperature does not get too low. We also have LOADS of rugs, little ones for the dogs in winter and also for when they older ones started to feel the cold on the tile floors.



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