Saturday, December 08, 2007

12 Dogs of Christmas - The Movie!

The 12 Dogs of Christmas on DVD this Holiday season! A movie about dogs, kids and the belief in small miracles.

The story takes place in 1933 at the height of the depression. A widowed and out of work father reluctantly puts his 12-year old daughter on the train from Pittsburgh to Doverville, Maine where he tells her that he's arranged for her to stay with her Aunt Delores until he can afford to come for her. He promises that he'll get her by Christmas.

The town of Doverville has become famous for two reasons. It has a law that bans dogs and a mean dogcatcher, who is also the Mayor's brother. At the same time a woman named Cathy Stevens has turned her farm into a dog orphanage situated just outside of the city limits. She's made the cover of "LIKE" magazine and this has brought her more dogs than she can feed and take care of.

On her way to the first day of school Emma comes upon the dogcatcher as he captures one of two stray dogs. She rescues the other one (a puppy) and suddenly has a new friend (and responsibility).

Visit the movie site to learn more! And watch the trailer!


  1. This looks like an awesome movie! I'm thinking a few tissues might be needed!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Sounds like a good movie.

    Please visit us at to pick up the "Best Friends Award" from me and all the animals.

  3. Hi, Johann! Stop by when you have a moment to pick up your Christmas Spirit and Blog Friend Forever awards! :)

  4. That sure is a pawsome movie to watch on xmas day

    ~ Girl girl


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