Saturday, December 08, 2007

Books make great gifts!

When Mum brought me back from the shelter - she had nary a clue how to really take care of me. I know, sounds silly, but I'm the first she's every had her entire life! So what did she do? Yep, you guessed it, she headed to the Internet to find books to learn about me, how to teach me, how to care for me, how to have fun with me and lots more.

As you are doing your Holiday shopping this weekend, don't forget all the great dog books out there. Books on health and wellness, dog tricks, training, and wonderful books with amazing and heartwarming stories of dogs, dogs and more dogs. And many sites on the Internet are running great deals with coupons, promotions and discounts. One site you may want to try already has great prices and with the Overstock coupon you can use, well, you can't lose!

One of the hottest dog books this Holiday season is Good Dog. Stay, by Anna Quindlin - The Pulitzer Prize-winning author offers sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous reflections on living with her beloved black Labrador retriever Beau, describing how her life unfolded in tandem with Beau`s and the lessons she has learned by watching him live his life.

Check out, they have the Audio CD, and don't forget the Overstock coupon!

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  1. Oh, I was just looking for a book to read while on holidays. I'm going to buy it, because dogs' stories are exactly what I need and like.


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