Monday, December 03, 2007

Back from the trial!

Hey all...we are back from the trial and super tired today! Just a long, long weekend.

And we did it - we broke our winning streak. After 14 Q's and 7 DQ's in a row, yesterday we didn't Q at all! But we sure had fun.

We ran on Friday and Saturday in a horse arena with wonderful dirt. Yesterday we ran on matted flooring, which I don't run on much. I started out OK, but when I got to the first pinwheel on my first run, I just didn't know what to do with my feet! I got an off course, but finished. My second run was even worse, just couldn't seem to understand how to get my footing. But it was soo great to see my friends and talk with them a bit.

Mum has made a mental note - don't mix up the flooring during my weekend, because it just confuses me. The winning streak sure was a great run - and we are super proud of what we accomplished. It had to end sometime, right?

When we got home Mum gave me some Traumeel and I felt a lot better after a little snooze. That stuff is amazing. After one dose, I wasn't stretching nearly as much as I usually do after a long agility weekend. We're gonna use it more - it really keeps my muscles from getting too sore.

No trial for about five or six weeks, but we'll be working on stuff in the yard and at our trainers. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Hi Johann! I'm glad you had a nice weekend, too bad you didn't Q but there will be many more trials, don't worry! We agree, it's so nice to meet friends, trials are so much fun!
    Love, Xsara

  2. Hi Johann,
    We were just tagged, and are passing it on to you. You can get the details at

    Happy Holidays!


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