Tuesday, December 04, 2007

We're helping pet businesses!

Mum and I have been having a lot of fun with her new business - Pawsible Marketing. We get to help other pet lovers get the word out about their businesses; everything from pup training, to online dog stores, to pooper scoopers and more. We think it's a lot of fun. And not only do we get to help them, but we get to know some really cool pups, and kitties and other four- and two-leggers, out there too!

Mum has been doing marketing for loads of years, my life times 7 if you're counting, BOL! She's done everything from marketing technology and the City of Indianapolis, to computer books and Insurance Marketing. She loves marketing, especially since marketing is moving a lot more toward networking - than pushing advertisements on folks and telemarketing. With networking we both get to meet folks and other pet lovers, and it's a lot more personal and enjoyable.

We love getting to know other pups, pup and pet lovers. And helping them be successful makes both of us really happy. Some people think that marketing is mysterious. But it really isn't. Mum says it's 'making the phone ring' in a round-a-bout way. It's getting folks to know about you, so that they can see what you have to offer. And if they like it and buy it, and you serve them well, they can be really happy customers. And that makes two more people in the World happier.

We like offering things to other pups and pup lovers - things that we like that we know others will too. Many of the items we offer through our JohannTheDog.com I have personally tried out, or at least know the products' company and have really liked what they offer and the service they provide.

You might say - the products have been paw picked by me and Gracie! And the best part is that it allows us to donate 10% of our profits to pup rescues and shelters, as well as have a little extra money for my favorite sport agility!

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